「26th キネコ国際映画祭」シンポジウム
1Day プロフェッショナル カンファレンス
「26th KINEKO International Children’s Film Festival 」Symposium
1Day Professional Conference「Children’s Film and Education」





In Japan, increasing number of people are using “smart TVs”. In 2017, cinema attendance had been about 170 million in Japan which is decreased from the year before. (cf. researched by Motion Pictures Producers Association of Japan, Inc.) However, higher rate of audience watch film animations for children. With the Film Festival directors and educators from all over the world we will exchange opinions on “Children’s Film and Education.” You will see the situation of the children’s film scene and please take this opportunity of studying the international situations and use this experience for the film education for children.


2018年11月24日(土)11:00 – 15:00
Saturday, November 24, 2018, 11:00 – 15:00
二子玉川ライズ オフィス8階 カタリストBA
Futako Tamagawa Rise Office 8F Catalyst BA
無料 (定員70名 事前予約制)
Free (Limited to 70 people, Reservation Required)
第1部 世界最大規模の子ども映画祭ディレクターが語る“子ども映画のプログラミング”
第2部 世界の子ども映画のプロが推薦する“ベスト・セレクション”
Part 1 “Programing of Children’s Film” by the director of the world’s largest Children’s Film Festival
Part 2 “Best selection” recommended by the professionals of Children’s Film from all over the world


【第1部 11時~12時】

【Part1 11:00~12:00】


“Programing of Children’s Film” by the director of the world’s largest Children’s Film Festival

クラウディオ・グビトシ Claudio Gubitosi氏(イタリア)
ジッフォーニ・エクスペリエンス 創設者、ディレクター

Mr. Claudio Gubitosi(Italy)
Founder and Director of Giffoni Experience

ミヒャエル・ハーバウアー Michael Harbauer氏(ドイツ)

国際子ども・青少年映画祭「シュリンゲル」 フェスティバル・ディレクター

Mr. Michael Harbauer(Germany), Director of SCHLINGEL International Film Festival



Mr. Claudio Gubitosi is a director of the world largest Children’s Film Festival held in the small town of Giffoni Valle Piana. In the beginning, he will introduce his idea of his film festival, at which many Hollywood stars has been gathering every year :「 Programing for the 7 year olds + 」. Thereafter, we will all have a discussion with Mr. Claudio Gubitosi. And finally, Mr. Michael Harbauer from SCHLINGEL International Film Festival will introduce two children’s films which he recommends, as a pre-introduction to Part 2.


【第2部 13時~15時】

【Part2 13:00~15:00】


“Best selection” recommended by the professionals of Children’s Film from all over the world


Mr. Han Ki Kim(Korea) Executive Director of Seoul Guro Kids International Film Festival (GUKIFF)

陳 逸萱氏 (台湾)
高雄市電影館 教育コーディネーター

Ms. I-Hsuan Chen (Taiwan) Kaohsiung Film Archive/Education Coordinator

長﨑 由紀(日本)
岩手県立児童館 いわて子どもの森 チーフ・プレーリーダー

Ms. Yuki Nagasaki (Japan) Children’s Center of Iwate Prefecture / Chief Play Leader

イ・テユン氏 (韓国)
釜山国際子ども・ユース映画祭(BIKY) 教育プログラマー

Mr. Tae-yun Lee (Korea) Busan International Kids and Youth Film Festival/Education Programmer



Each presenters will introduce each two films which their film festivals or organizations recommend and the reason why they recommend these films. In addition to the ones from the countries above, we will also share recommended films from Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, Czech Republic, China and Mexico.



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